Brilliance Or Persistence? Which Pays More In Online Rummy Games?

Everyone has their own theory about what works; some insist that only the brilliant forge ahead while others insist that persistence is the only quality required to forge ahead. While both points of view have their own merits, what strategy should you adopt when it comes to rummy games online?

To decide which path to take, let us take a look at what both these terms mean in the rummy game context.

Brilliance in rummy games would comprise of the following:

  • Complete grasp of rummy rules: One of the basic but brilliant things to do while playing rummy online is to grasp the rules of the game. This would not only comprise the rules of the game but also an understanding about the logic behind the rules. This way a player would be prepared to face the game of rummy and all its challenges head on.

  • Understanding of the game components: The game of 13 cards rummy comprises of many different components like the site that hosts the game, the technology, the probability factor, the skill factor and also the need for speed. A brilliant player would have a complete understanding of all these factors and the extent to which they affect the game. This way the player would know what exactly he or she has to bring to the table while playing the game.

  • A solid winning strategy based on the above: Since there are many skill factors involved in a game like rummy online, a brilliant player would bring his own strategy into play in the game. But the brilliance of the player in doing this will also be based in his flexibility to change tacks when a particular strategy is not working out.

Persistence in rummy games would comprise of the following:

  • The zeal to play more to learn more: Persistence when it comes to rummy card games would mean enthusiasm in putting in time playing the game as the more you play, the more you will learn about the game.

  • Trying all combination of variants to see what works: When it comes to Indian rummy one should realize that this is not a single game but a game that has numerous variants. A persistent player would try out all the variants to see which are the ones he or she excels at.

  • Never giving up on playing: Persistence is rooted in the principle of not giving up and this is something a good rummy player will have to do. This will not only ensure that he or she becomes better at the game but will also reveal more nuances of the game to enable better game play.

When you look at what defines brilliance and persistence in the context of rummy online games, one can only conclude that a player needs to be both to be able to win. Which means a good rummy player would be persistent in learning the game and playing it. And once he or she has mastered this he or she would come up with brilliant moves to play the game better and win more.

Rummy games need both a brilliant as well as persistent approach to have a degree of surprise. A player who wants to be seen as a champion of the game would be well advised to take this two-pronged approach to attain success.