Tenantify Launched to Disrupt $1B Tenant Screening Business

40 million American households are renting the home, rather than owning it outright.  Sometimes renting may be a more cost effective prospect than a mortgage when you start into the real estate market.  Each rental unit is occupied for, on average, two years.  This means there are 20 million rental transactions that take place yearly.  In terms of transactions, each rental transaction generates $50 revenue through the tenant screening service, which leads to the tenant screening business generating some $1 billion.  That is significant revenue that is being generated.

Tenantify has exited the public beta process to disrupt the $1B tenant screening business.  It has a very specific mission:  to reduce the friction in the rental market and foster trust between landlord and tenant, something that at times can be quite dicey.  Tenantify removes that hostility that can occur and offers tenant employment and income verification service at scale for landlords and property managers alike.  It’s not like a typical screening service; because of the way it offers a scaled price for employment and income verification, it works for the landlord and the property manager.

“We verify employment and income mostly through an authenticated bank statement,” explains company spokesperson BLANK.  “Tenants give us the permission for us to directly pull a bank statement from their banks. We go through the statement and confirm employment/income through payroll direct deposit.”

Trying to get good renters for your property is difficult enough, and it shouldn’t be.  Tenantify goes a long way towards helping smooth the process out for those who are struggling and for those who truly do not want to fork out $50 every time they are screening a tenant.  With its unique scaled approach, landlords and tenants can get more mileage out of what Tenantify does rather than struggling with harder to access screening services that may be significantly more expensive.

Tenantify simplifies the process that landlords and property managers have to follow in getting tenant screenings done.  With the plans to disrupt the $1 billion tenant screening market by offering a system that is scalable, it is possible that those who are finding it difficult to continue to contribute $50 every time a screening is needed for prospective tenants will be able to now do so because of the effectiveness with which Tenantify works.

Tenantify is quick, effective and helps smooth out that relationship between tenant and landlord in order to get an effective tenant screen done and continue with the tenant rental process.  Having to shell out $50 every time you are looking to rent to a prospective tenant can get expensive after a while, but Tenantify makes the process far easier than it ever has been previously.  It gives landlords a free way to screen prospective tenants and the fee is only $15 to get both an employment and income verification completed.  This is likely the best pricing that anyone could possibly hope for as part of the tenant screening process, so what could be better?

For further information about Tenantify, go to or contact Songhua Hu  Start cost-effectively screening prospective tenants today!