Doing Chinese SEO and Dealing with the Censorship Problems

Chinese SEO is in limelight now as every business want to establish their base in China, by identifying it as the next big market for them. Having the largest population in the world as well as with increased demand for consumer products among Chinese people, it is of course a very promising land for the businesses to get rooted. Internet marketing is the best mode of doing quick and effective marketing.

In China, the major challenge is that you need to do everything in Chinese language itself in order to publish your website. This is essential to go ahead with the SEO also in Chinese search engines like Baidu. There are many things to take care of in order to succeed in Chinese SEO effort and there are many things to be cautious about too.

Chinese government censorship

It is important to note that as per the Chinese government mandates, Baidu need to censor the content of the web pages regularly. They maintain a special agency to constantly seek out the articles to be censored and rate the sites accordingly. With this regulation in practice, anyone who are interested in doing Chinese SEO for Baidu, should always take heed of the regulations of Chinese government as far as online marketing is concerned.

Some of the basic regulations to be followed are like China is having a big firewall in between China’s domestic internet and the global internet. It can be seen that China is completely isolated from mingling with the global internet and the major search engines like Google or Bing are not there in China. This system is affectionately called as the Great Firewall of China. It acts as the first layer of defense to protect the country from any outside influence. As far as Chinese SEO and Chinese article censorship is concerned, here are some points to be noted with which China will censor the articles;

·         Inducing hatred or distinct racism or trying to break people's solidarity.

·         Violating Chinese regulations on religious matters or breeding cults.

·         Insulting any third parties through a website or defamation.

·         Trying to organize and coordinate any illegal protest.

·         Trying to conduct any actions affiliated to any illegal civic organizations.