Printing ink manufacturing industry set to grow to address the growing demand

The printing ink industry is greatly dependent on its consumers and its auxiliary applications. Research on printing ink industry states that the production value of the printing ink market will reach USD 18.2 billion by 2017, of which Asia- Pacific, mainly China will be the fastest growing region in the world ink market.

According to market reports, the market is growing at an exponential rate expected to reach a CAGR of 5.5% by 2017 with packaging and publishing printing becoming the largest segment of end users in the market. Furthermore, driving this incessant growth is the demand for environmentally friendly ink as well as technological innovations that are opening up new channels in UV and ink-jet ink.

Emerging markets in the printing ink industry

US has always remained the single largest regional market both in terms of volume as well as value sales while the growth of the European market is fuelled by sales of UV, free radical and cationic inks. Despite the robust development in these regions, the emerging trends in developing countries have triggered a growth of this market segment even in emerging economies. The opening up of economies like India and China has further ushered in the growth of the sector in these Asian markets. With brand owners seeking innovative packaging for their product, which will give them a competitive advantage - a large role in which is played by the printing ink, printing ink manufacturers are expecting that the market will reach US$18.2 billion by the year 2017. Joining in this bandwagon of printing ink manufacturers is the China’s folding carton-printing industries that are currently using water based inks to publish, thus resulting in further expansion of the markets.

Technological advancements revolutionizing the ink manufacturing sector

With printing presses using latest automated equipment, and economical friendly ink, the ink manufacturing sector has been revolutionized of late. Lithographic ink is the largest segment in the market, though the digital ink segment is predicted to record the fastest CAGR of 3.7%. Driving the growth in this sector is the improvement in the screen printing technology as well as the establishment of internal graphics that facilitate professional ink printing.

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