(TRAVPR.COM) USA - March 31st, 2014 - Travel healthier with gluten-free luggage

Reston, VA
April 1, 2014

(The following is an acknowledged spoof press release. The following news release is not factual, and should not be reported upon as such.)

SkyRoll, the luggage company that pioneered luggage with a wrap-around garment bag, is introducing another world first. Today SkyRoll announced that its entire line of luggage is now gluten-free. According to company president and founder, Don Chernoff, SkyRoll wants to be the leader in this new age of living healthy, especially on the road. "Travelers have enough to contend with between crowded planes, expensive flights, no legroom, etc…, we just wanted to do something to make travel healthier". When asked how or why luggage would contain gluten in the first place, he said he "was looking into this".

The gluten-free line of SkyRoll luggage follows on their long history of making travel healthier. SkyRoll was also the first luggage to be cholesterol-free, fat-free, and sugar-free. So making luggage that is also gluten-free was a "no brainer", according to Chernoff.

And it doesn't end there. SkyRoll is investing "millions" in top-secret projects including the world's first anti-gravity luggage. According to the company president, "one of the biggest complaints we hear is that luggage weights too much, and airline fees for heavy luggage are way too high". "So we undertook this project to solve the problem by making luggage that weighs nothing, no matter how much stuff you put in it". The new line of anti-gravity luggage is expected to hit the stores later this year. "One big advantage of having luggage that floats through the air is we save a ton of money on wheels", said Chernoff. He added, "but this is a top-secret project so please don't tell anyone about it."