Avaali Solutions Expands its Solution Portfolio to Support Enterprises Harness the Power of Unstructured Content

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

About 80% of relevant content for any enterprise is typically found to be in silos while it is also growing by double digits each year. This presents a serious challenge not only in terms of risk and compliance - including loss of information, unauthorized access to information etc; but also has its ramifications in the context of productivity, operating efficiencies and costs. How can organizations better manage and monetize these information assets? Avaali Solutions is an enterprise content management specialist. We specialize in implementing and supporting solutions that enable organizations to better manage content across its lifecycle; leverage content to gain business value; and enrich collaboration and engagement - both internally and with external stakeholders. 

Content is at the heart of every business process in any organization.  What’s making this increasingly more complex is the adoption and reliance on new technologies that have embraced features such as mobility and social. This phenomenon is both driving the creation as well as consumption of enterprise content. In addition to information within the company firewalls, there is a whole lot of content coming in from external sources - customer feedback via social feeds and other customer interaction channels being a case-in-point. 

Many organizations yet face the challenge of making this content available to the right users at the right time and exactly at the point of their need. Close to 80% of enterprise content (emails, office documents, business records, social media content etc.) is scattered across the organization in physical and electronic formats, making it very difficult for a business user to search, retrieve and make use of the content to derive real business benefits. 

A single source of truth or a holistic view of enterprise information by integrating structured and unstructured content still lies on the wish list of several enterprise business users. Ensuring a defensible and transparent approach to document retention/disposition is again extremely critical from a risk and compliance perspective. Business users are increasingly looking to enrich their customer experience via gaining in-depth knowledge of their customers.

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Avaali Solutions is a company that focuses in the Enterprise Information Management and Mobility space. The company recently launched special offers that allow enterprise business users to see a quicker cycle time to deployment, thereby meeting their business priorities quickly as well as ensuring a faster return on their investments. These packaged offerings are valid until June 2014. 


Avaali is in the business of supporting enterprise customers manage their content lifecycle and generate value from unstructured content (contracts, documents, files and records, emails, vendor invoices, HR data, web content, customer information etc).  

Avaali understands the unstructured content world, and has specialists who come with significant global experience in providing a wide range of services for information management and governance. 

Avaali provides advisory services, implementation and support services of a best of breed  solutions in this space including enterprise content management; data and document archiving; web content management;  customer experience management; digital asset management; and vendor invoice management amongst others.  We also have partnerships with leading vendors to implement and support their solutions for enterprise customers. To download the complete company profile Click Here