Cook Day Meal Launches with Tips, Tricks and Recipes for Comfort Foods to Spice up Dinner without Counting Carbs

Chicago, IL – Jan. 2, 2014 – Eating well doesn’t mean families have to eliminate tasty favorites. For those who don’t want to give up foods with carbohydrates, Jacqueline Harris launched Cook Day Meal. The site features recipes with have wide appeal, utilize healthy olive oil, and derive flavor from a wide variety to spices.

“Many people crave bread, pasta and potatoes as comfort food,” said Harris. “They can still have those foods with simple recipe modifications and in moderation.”

Visitors to the multi-media site will find a treasure trove of recipes, complete with photos, and full preparation and cooking instructions. For those who crave the texture and taste of comfort foods, Harris offers cooks alternatives to traditional potato and bread recipes that allows families to indulge in their flavorful favorites without guilt.

Harris provides readers with explanations about the dishes, what specific spices add to the recipes, and guidance as to whether the dishes are appropriate for vegetarians and those on specialized diets. Details are provided on the receptacles and tools needed for preparation and cooking.

Meals wouldn’t be complete without a sweet to accompany them. Cook Day Meal provides visitors with old-fashioned favorites that include Vanilla Wafer and banana pudding that offers a productive use for overripe fruit and is an excellent source of potassium. Banana nut bread is a standard favorite and the site shows readers how to make delicious dessert bread that can be consumed even by those on a diet plan.

Cook Day Meal features a wealth of cookbooks to accommodate a comprehensive array of dietary needs. Individuals can find cookbooks for those who want to eat gluten free, lose weight, and books for juicers and smoothie enthusiasts. Reference and cookbooks are available for the Paleo diet, vegetarians and vegans, along with regional and international cuisine.

Fans can follow Cook Day Meal on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Harris welcomes comments and questions, and can be reached via email with the convenient form on the website.

The launch of Cook Day Meal provides cooks with an assortment of recipes and cookbook options that cater to those with specific dietary requirements, foods to tempt the palate of children, and those who want to sample cuisine from famous chefs. It’s possible to eat healthy and still enjoy comfort foods, and Cook Day Meal shows home connoisseurs how to save calories and carbs, and still eat the foods they crave.

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