The Factory: Turning B2B Marketing and Branding into Sales

The factory is an agency that works to develop a company’s branding and marketing. They provide you “joined-up” marketing, branding and digital services. According to them, the most important process of upgrading the company’s sales is to know and understand well that how the “customers are making their purchase”?

If noticed very carefully customers go through a “series of stages” before making a purchase. This various stages that the customer pass through is the called the “the customer journey." There are total five stages that a customer passes through either consciously or unconsciously while working with The Factory.

Why choose The Factory?

Today when consumers are experiencing “the customer journey” both in and out the web, the clients need such a marketing agency which has the idea about the technologies of both the traditional and digital marketing. Such agencies can only bring together these technologies and earn good results.

Agencies which have the capability to understand and work with the all the three disciplines can only provide their clients with extremely professional traditional and digital services which is the less-time consuming and most effective than working with three different types of companies.

Services provided by The Factory:

  • Branding Agency Services:

Brand and Branding are two different aspects of the company. Brand is the reputation of the company, the idea that the outer world has about the company and branding means all the elements that create the reputation of the brand or the brand name of a company. The Factory is an agency which supports all the aspects that decide a company’s branding and brand.

  • Marketing Agency Services:

They invest a huge amount of money behind their staffs to develop their management skills. They make it sure that their staffs are trained from ISMM and CIM so that they incur much knowledge about management techniques. They use this marketing skills guide their clients in growing their business. Their techniques of management help their clients get their ultimate goal.

  • Digital Marketing Services:

They think that the digitalization is the most essential part in marketing, branding and sales strategies. Their knowledge in marketing and branding along with their capability of building a website makes sense of the data they have gathered uses it for future improvements on internet marketing. They offer their clients total digital service as well as good marketing skills.

  • Website Design Agency:

Making a website is very common nowadays. Everyone knowing basic Html claims that he is capable of making a website. But here lies the difference with the process of The factory. They practice “the customer journey” in this the customer needs to go through 5 stages during which they get to know exactly what the customer needs in his website and prepares it according.

  • Brochure Design Services:

Their staffs are well trained and design effective brochure for the maximum number of peoples. They use various different types of techniques to design their brochure than any other companies.

They are one of the best marketing, branding and digital agencies. They use unique techniques for marketing, and branding. The most unique factor is that they use “the customer journey” to understand much about the customers demand. For more information, you can visit the official site of The Factory.

Contact Detail:
The Factory
First Floor, Media House
4-6 Church Lane
LS28 7BD

Phone: 0113 290 9244

Fax: 0113 290 9263

Official Site: