The Unique Benefits of Anti-Static Foam

When preparing their products for sale, one of the many important considerations manufacturers must take into account is how their goods will be packaged. Foam packaging offers a safe and secure way to send products with confidence, getting customers their orders without worry that they may be damaged in transit.

Plain bubble wrap might protect electronic devices during transport , but when shipping delicate items like this, there are more concerns than a cracked screen or breakage. Unfortunately, it’s what can't be seen that can do the most damage: static electricity. When this powerful force builds up, static springs to life, damaging delicate electrical components, sometimes permanently. That’s where Anti-Static foam comes in handy.

So, what sets Anti-Static foam apart from other types of shipping and packaging supplies? While this material still provides secure packaging and shock absorption, it dissipates static before it builds up and discharges into components. No more worries about sending "dead" products to customers or vendors. Choosing the right protective packaging is a big deal when every sale counts.

There are several other things that many people don't know about Anti-Static foam. First, this product can be used in multiple ways. It is sold in solid sheets, eggcrate patterns, and customizable Pick-and-Pluck forms, while being able to be custom-cut into many other sizes and shapes. In addition to shipping, this foam also makes for a first-rate packaging option for a protective case insert. From tablets to computers, virtually any type of electronic device can be protected by this packaging material. 

Sometimes people aren't sure or aren't aware that the foam they have purchased is Anti-Static. Typically, this specialty foam is bright pink in both Polyurethane and Polyethylene foam. This makes it easy to identify, especially in a busy warehouse where orders move quickly. Open-cell polyurethane Anti-Static is soft and squishy like couch cushions, while closed-cell polyethylene is rigid and shock-absorbing, more similar to a plastic than a squeezable foam. Depending on your application, one may make more sense than the other.

Anti-Static packaging foam is a smart business investment for companies who move electronic inventory, allowing them to package items with confidence. Safe and secure products keep customers happy and save you money by reducing return and repair frequency. Functionality aside, customized packaging helps to make products look more professional, creating additional value. You can even include a tiny note or sticker explaining why their product came in unusual, pink foam packaging. Explaining that it is specially-formulated Anti-Static foam will let them know you took the time and care to ensure their order got to them in perfect condition.


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