Grab The First Copy Of “Do I Look Skinny In This House?” The Book By Kelli Ellis Will Be Available April 8


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (March 22, 2014) - Famous design psychology coach Kelli Ellis is going to come up with a design psychology book, named as, “Do I look skinny in this house? How to feel great in your home using Design Psychology.”This all new book on interior design psychology would be available for the convenience of the readers on Amazon from April 8, 2014.

Award winning HGTV interior designer ahs written this book on environmental psychology to guide and facilitate the readers. The co-creator of design camp has wonderfully stated the different between a simple living space to a nicely coordinated “home sweet home”. Along with this How to make a home more comfortable books, the Amazon buyers would get the immediate access to a bonus video on “How to Choose the Perfect Color Palette”, created by Amy Wax, the Emmy Award-winning colorist of Color 911.

Designer Kelli Ellis has inspired the readers to have a wonderful looking comfortable house, that can be the territory of perfect joy to them. This book also focuses on providing guidance on healthy living. Readers would get ample ideas on space utilization in the most distinctive ways through this book. This interior design psychology book focuses on facilitating the readers in turning their homes into the most magnificent place to live in. The author has gone through the effective concepts of color therapy, lighting therapy, to make it an easier deal. Along with the useful tips, Ellis has also shared the budgeting techniques while designing a house, in this book.

Ellis feels, “All of us want to come home and we want to feel great, comfortable and productive in our homes. We really ask our homes to be everything to us. And this book can help you do just that.” She continues, "Turning your house into a haven is something that we obviously care about. We have entire TV channels and we have entire stores that are to making homes beautiful,” Ellis said.

Talking able Kelli and her work on this amazing book, Lori Dennis, the internationally acclaimed celebrity interior designer says, “As a green designer, I understand the importance of the built environment on one’s health and well being. Kelli I masterful on designing space that not only looks but feels great. The direction she brings for designing home of office is brilliant. Her book is a must read for anyone who desired fulfillment within four walls.”

About “Do I Look Skinny in This House”:

This is a wonderfully written book by celebrity interior designer Kellie Ellis. This book will be available on Amazon from April 8th.

About Kelli Ellis:

Award-winning celebrity interior designer, certified design psychology coach, and Design Camp creator, Kelli Ellis leads the charge at Kelli Ellis Interiors, Inc. She is the featured designer on TLC’s “Clean Sweep,” HGTV’s “Takeover My Makeover” and Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County,” She is the resident design expert for and spokesperson for the Society of American Florists. For more information on Ellis or “Do I look skinny in this house?” For more information please visit Kelli’s site is