How to Manage a Successful Office Relocation

Office relocations can be a stressful and time-consuming, period. That’s why Shleppers has come up with a quick and easy guide to help direct you with your office moving. Understanding how an office relocation works makes your transition more manageable and less stressful.

Evaluate & Plan

The first stage in office relocation is to determine your requirements and evaluate your present situation. Your purpose for relocating should be clear, as this will help you to determine your requirements for the next location and make more informed decisions in the planning.

Having a clear understanding on your requirement is key to having a smooth move and to manage time more effectively. While professionals can handle technical details, you should know the major details, such as location, space requirements, necessary features, business goals and duration and type of lease.

Stick to a Budget

Another important aspect regarding the relocation is to have an accurate budget in mind. A realistic budget is a vital tool for planning, since it allows you to evaluate and manage spending throughout the procedure.

The decisions made during the budgeting process have a direct correlation to the profitability of your business. The costs that add up quickly include property and people costs, which can end up taking up a large part of the budget.

To save money, work with a professional and skilled team when you are relocating an office. A professional moving company gives helpful advice, reduces overall costs and prevents unnecessary mistakes.

Consult with a Lawyer

Another important aspect to having a smooth corporate relocation is to refrain from signing any lease documents until you have received legal guidance. This is necessary in order to lower your chances of possible liabilities and to allow you to have a clearer understanding of the lease itself.

Start As Soon as Possible

Getting a head start on the move is a great way to ensure a successful relocation. The quicker you start, the higher the chances of a smooth transition. Planning too far in the future is not necessary if action is taken in increments from the beginning.

Put Together a Team

Relocating an office is a huge task and requires the work of a team in order to work successfully. It is vital to build the right team for the project, with careful consideration as to who will be able to perform which tasks in the optimal way.

It is necessary to have a project leader in charge of the team right after making the decision to relocate. The project leader must have plenty of time on their hands to handle the situation effectively and efficiently.

Maintain Effective Communication

Communication is an important aspect to be aware of during this time. Employees may feel extra stress or discomfort at the idea of relocation, especially when the company is operating as usual while the initial changes take place.

Use this time to positively affect the company by increasing motivation and morale. Keeping communication open will allow employees to feel less alone in the process and to contribute to relocation success.