Main description about the working process of 3D printing service

China - As the introduction of the editor from famous rapid prototyping services and 3d print services supplier, the 3D printing work could be mainly divided into three parts which are designation process, Slicing process and the completion of the print.

The design process of 3D printing refers to the initially computer modeling, separate the 3D model into the cross-section step by step and then guide the printing process layer by layer. This process is the main guidance for the wholly 3D working process.

The second step is the slicing process. The 3D printer will use and read the cross-section through the printer information and then printed each layer by liquid, powder or flake material and then these cross sections will be totally bonded together in various ways to create an entity. This feature of this is that it can help to create almost any shape of goods.

As all of people should know, the conventional manufacturing techniques such as plastic injection mould method can greatly help to produce mass produced products at low cost. On the other hand, the three dimensional printing technology will produce a relatively small number of products by faster, more flexible and more cost-effective way. So, a desktop sized 3D printer could totally meet the model producing needs of the designer or manufacturer development team.

After the process of computer software modeling and slicing working process, the last step should be the totally completion of the 3D printing. Generally speaking, the resolution of the 3D printer is already sufficient for most applications. However, the printing for some in curved surfaces may be a little bit rough. If the operator wants to obtain higher resolution items, they should use the 3D printer to print out slightly larger objects and then these projects need to be processed by some surface polished process which could help them get high resolution items. However, this method could be only used for the generally 3D printer. For the professional 3D print services like , their professional 3D printer already has enough resolution in the working process.

All information above should be the main working process of the 3D print service. If people want to know more about the professional 3D print services and 3D Printed Car Dashboard from, please do not hesitate to visit their official website.

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