Nevada Mining Association and Nevada Division of Minerals Host the 25th Annual Southern Nevada Earth Science Workshop

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March 26, 2014

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Mining Association (NVMA) and Nevada Division of Minerals will host the 25th annual Southern Nevada Earth Science Workshop for Nevada teachers on Tuesday, April 15 and Wednesday, April 16 at Faith Lutheran High School.

The two-day program is designed around hands-on seminars that enhance participants’ understanding of earth sciences, the importance of mined materials and the influential role that mining plays in the everyday lives of Nevadans. The workshop is open to teachers of all grades, and attendees can receive one PDE credit.

“The lessons we learn from grade school all the way through college are used every day in the mining industry,” said Tim Crowley, president of the Nevada Mining Association. “The educational workshop allows the teachers a more interactive and relatable understanding of how to incorporate mining into their respective lesson plans.”

Throughout the workshops, teachers will work with their colleagues through a variety of activities focused and designed specifically around mining and mineral-related subjects. To ensure the value of the seminars and the knowledge educators will take back to their classrooms, the workshops have educators and instructors analyzing valuable information of earth sciences, language arts and social sciences with one another. The premier goal is to offer the teachers a unique experience to develop mining-based lessons plans for their respective grade levels.

Day one of the workshop will focus primarily on interactive classroom activities, offering teachers a more hands-on experience and understanding of the role minerals play in today’s society. To help the teacher develop their own custom-made schedules, the education workshops offer a variety of seminars, including Crystal Gardens and Stepping Stones, Erosion and Reclamation, Geologic Time and Fossils, Critical Elements of Energy, Edible Geology, Rock On: Language Arts, Introduction to Geocaching, Paste with Taste, Mining in a Nutshell and more.

The workshop’s second day will feature guest speakers and presentations followed by tours. Beginning the tours, teachers will explore the historic mining town of Rhyolite, home to many historic mine sites. The field trip will also include a tour of the Barrick Bullfrog Mine to learn about mine site reclamation. Prior to the field trips, the workshops will also hold prize drawings for the opportunity to take back to the classroom a digital microscope and a real gold splatter.

Registration can be completed online at:  The workshop is free to attend and breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, snacks, safety equipment and travel arrangements will be provided by NVMA and Nevada Division of Minerals. Tour attendees should be prepared for a moderate amount of walking and should wear shoes that completely cover the foot, long pants and sleeved shirts.

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