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Site builders are the most feature rich, reliable and well- known tools which are now offered at affordable rates at the lowest possible rate by several hosting service providers. Ecommerce hosting comes with great many features than that of a standard web hosting. This includes database support, SSL, payment processing services, shopping cart software and other related security initiatives. Such hosting is designed mainly to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with services and tools that are required by them for setting up, conduct and manage ecommerce business.

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Creating one’s own website can appear to be a piece of cake with the help of good site builders. It doesn’t matter whether one is setting up a business website, a personal blog or a photo gallery as these builders have a wide array of user- friendly programs and tools at their disposal. Site builders incorporate content- managing systems, design tools, SEO implements and more. Users are provided with a user- friendly online interface, although few of them are available in the form of downloadable software packages. Users begin the construction of their site by selecting from a large number of pre- designed site templates. Various styles, structures and vibes are offered by these templates that can be mixed- and- matched by the user according to his preferences.

At the time of choosing a builder, one should keep in mind the goal of their website. Hosting1000 urges to provide details about the quality of services as well as the best service providers of this industry. Depending on what people wish to know about they could read through the reviews and understand the services which might best suit their requirements. Novices looking for simple yet attractive site should be using a builder that offers user- friendly interface and templates. Moreover, for users who are expecting large volumes of traffic should ensure that their builder offers the best possible package. Features like MIME Types, URL redirect services and FTP Managers are essential for a more tech- savvy people. These features help in taking complete control of a site’s internal structure, content and web- pages.

Each of the site builders listed in the Top- 10 on Hosting1000 offer- MySQL/ PHP support, FrontPage extensions support, add- on/ parked domains, multiple subdomains, site building tools, unrestricted FTP access, site stats, spam and virus protection, Perl/ CGI/ SSL support, a minimum money back guarantee period of 30 days, 24×7 technical support and guaranteed 99.9% uptime. The reviews done by the experts related to this field deals with various issues in their lingo. So to make things logical, one is required to get used to with some of these technical phrases and words such as Internet Protocol Number, Uniform Resource Locator, Domain Name, Server, Active Server Pages, Host, Internet Service Provider, bandwidth, audio streaming, encrypted password and Common Gateway Interface. The ranking is based on the preferences of the site visitors, web hosting prices and webhosting features. Also, the reputation, popularity, reliability, uptime, speed, support, etc are considered before drawing up this list. The top 10 site builders are,,,,,,,, and

Ecommerce is the future of business as this helps in overcoming geographical limitations, gaining new customers, quickly locating a product, eliminating travel cost and time, providing comparison shopping, providing with abundant information, enabling bargains/ coupons/ deals/ group buying, creating targeted communication, remaining open 24×7, etc. A better, more convenient, inviting and comprehensive presentation of goods is associated with ecommerce. With ecommerce, both large and small businesses have the opportunity in setting up and conducting business on the internet. Minimal advertising and marketing cost as it doesn’t require a physical setup.


Hosting1000 helps the users to know about the leading providers who are essential if one is planning to conduct business online. Because of their impressive reviewing system, customers now can learn and know about the various things that are normally associated with site builders and the advantages they are bringing into the table.

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