Ford Announces its Largest Safety Feature Yet

Ford has a reputation for providing reliable cars with updated safety features to keep its customers safe and happy, but they have outdone even themselves this time with the release of their latest safety feature. The five row airbag which will be featured on the 2015 Transit Wagon has made a small debut with the release of the medium roof height 2015 Transit Wagon. The other two models, which feature varying roof heights, will be available at Bloomington Lincoln Ford late summer this year. This latest safety feature provided by Ford has been in the works since 2011 and is a collaboration between Ford and TRW Automotive.

A Safety Canopy

Ford has already introduced its safety canopy program and this latest airbag release is a part of that system. The airbags, which cover all five rows of the 15-passenger 2015 Transit Wagon, are meant to provide additional protection to a passenger’s head and neck i in the event of an accident. The most common types of accidents to occur in vans of this size are rollover and side impact crashes; the new airbag has been designed to protect the body from both.

Rollover Risks

Any type of car or van can realistically be involved in many different types of accidents, but the larger vans, such as the Transit Wagon, or its predecessor, the E-Series, are more commonly known for rollover accidents that often do not involve any other vehicles. This risk alone is what prompted Ford to come up with a better safety feature to protect their passengers.

The Design

The new airbag covers all five rows of the Transit wagon with one bag. Its volume totals 120 liters, which is 3 times the volume of the Ford Fusion, which holds around 42 liters. The five row airbag has double inflators that activate when an impact has been detected. The airbag itself will measure 15 feet long and will hit 3 feet tall. For comparison, the airbag for the Ford Fusion measures 6.8 feet in length, which means that the Transit’s airbag system is more than twice as large.

Consumers that are worried about their safety in large passenger vans like the E-Series will delight in the safety features of the new 2015 Ford Transit Wagon. Ford has always been a company that focuses on safety and reliability. The 5 row airbag that Ford has developed is the first in its kind and meets the strictest regulations of the automotive industry 


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