Middle Platte Renaissance Faire 2016

Opening to a cold, rainy day that felt more like fall than summer, the Middle Platte Renaissance Faire, put on by Casper theater group Stage III, began on August 19th. The faire is in its 5th year, having begun this tradition in 2012. The Renaissance Faire is a weekend of family fun, filled with merchants selling things such as soap, incense, swords, period clothing, and jewelry. Also included is delicious food, featuring a favorite Ren Faire item-- turkey legs! Face painting is also offered, and there are many talented performers gifting the Faire with their shows. This year, the Faire featured the Order of Epona, a jousting group from Colorado, which has come up to Casper for their 2rd season at the fair. The Order of Epona is a group that has been traveling since 2010, named after Epona, the Celtic horse goddess. Blades of Morea is a sword fighting troupe that performs live shows throughout wWyoming and Colorado. Also gracing the show is Veiled Threats, a local belly dancing group, Renaissance Scots, which is a living history exhibit providing real life examples of life in Scotland from the time of Braveheart until 1745. Featured in this article is a woman spinning as was done in the 13th century.

Fun is to be had for all ages at the fair. On both Friday and Saturday, there were costume contests held, open to all faire patrons and staff. Various booths targeted specifically for children allowed children to 'make and take' crafts inspired by both medieval and fantasy themes such as nights, fairies and coloring pages. For older folks (those 21 and up) the Longbowman's tavern made its 4th appearance, offering drinks and entertainment for the adults. The king and queen at this fair are King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII was notorious for marrying six times and the queen featured at this fair, Anne Boleyn, is the second of his ill-fated wives. Both Henry and Anne are played by local Casper folk.

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