Enjoy the luxury of the Hotel Phu Quoc

Ever wondered of a place where nature and architecture joins hands to provide a sense of joy and oneness with the self? If you have ever dreamt of a place like this then you should visit Phu Quoc hotel and Phu Quoc resort where tall mountains and crystal clear beaches are meshed up with the one of a kind architecture that provides unmatched luxury and seclusion all at the same time. 

There are all sorts of accommodations available at the island and its various hotels and resorts from the budget to the super luxury. The budget hotels might charge a very modest of $25 to $50 upon your specifications whereas the mid range ones may charge anything from $90 to $200. The luxury ones would provide the necessary facilities for a luxury holiday with charges starting from around $150 to anything around $2,500. 

There are various restaurants at Phu Quoc hotel and Phu Quoc resort which offer a unique experience of mixture of both international and local delicacies prepared by the specially trained chefs with a special exotic flavour. The fish and other sea products are fresh from the family owned fisheries. Besides having special menu for children, you also get fresh local seafood which is cooked in sauna style over hot rocks sprinkled with island aromas and rice wine. Then there are luxury foods like foie gras, caviar, lobster and truffles that are served creatively in both traditional and modern styles. Just like the hotels the price and the quality of the eateries vary.

The luxury hotels have swimming pools, lounges and business parks and everything else that you need for a freshness and reinvigorating experience. The Phu Quoc hotel and Phu Quoc resort are spread all over the pristine beaches. Both the mid range and the budget hotels can make arrangements for your exploratory trips across the island at affordable prices. However, you should talk to more than one such trip advisor before you book them since the rates may vary.

Coming over the island is pretty easy by both air and sea. There are a number of airlines and boat/ferry services that cater to the rush of tourists at almost all the year round. The nearest airport in Vietnam is Tan Son Nhat Airport at Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). It takes around fifty minutes to the airport at Phu Quoc. The charges vary according to the airlines. 

Reaching the place is quite easy as there are boat and ferry services between the island and the Vietnam mainland. Tourists from outside the country may contact the hotel or the resort to know how they can reach the place. Then there are a number of ways by which you can drop into the Phu Quoc hotel and Phu Quoc resort which usually includes chartered car services. So there seems to be no impediment to your visit to the place of your dreams. Search online, look for great deals, make reservations and enjoy the vacation with your family or friends. 

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