It's 2014 and while some cities in the United States now have low cost access to pure fiber optic Internet, why is Florida still behind the curve? With a massive migration of services to the cloud our dependency on reliable Internet access is more important then ever before. Google Fiber, a broadband industry disruptor, now has eleven metro areas selected for deployment with Florida completely off it's radar. Google Fiber offers Gigabit (1000Mbps) fiber optic connections directly to the home/business for $70/month and a one-time $30 construction fee. For the same or similar type of connection a Florida business would be paying on average a $1000/month. Supply and demand, economies of scale, weigh in on this drastic cost difference, however, the most critical impact affecting cost for fiber optic Gigabit Internet is Florida's regional cable monopolies. As pointed out in this LA Times article, more competition, not monopolies, is what will drive investment in fiber and the future of our Internet infrastructure.

Some incumbent providers, such as AT&T, are already reacting to the "writing on the wall" by investing billions of dollars in their own fiber network before Google Fiber comes along into another one of their markets. Competition is key for Florida's broadband environment and if an AT&T or a Google has plans to deploy low cost Gigabit fiber then we should all reach out to our municipalities and urge these initiatives. The technology sector in Orlando and other Florida cities is growing and that allows for diversity from our States dependency on tourism. Economical access to fiber optics will only enhance growth, allow for greater innovations, and most importantly create more of the high paying jobs we need.

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