China Profile of Etofenprox, Tebuconazole and Dinotefuran Market 2014 Analysis

Profile of Etofenprox, Tebuconazole and Dinotefuran in China is the first edition report published by CCM in Feb. 2014. This intelligent report covers the registration information of three pesticides as of Jan. 2014: etofenprox, tebuconazole and dinotefuran, whose basic information and market are also briefly introduced.

Etofenprox, tebuconazole and dinotefuran are three popular pesticides in China's agrochemical market, especially tebuconazole. Their basic information, market overview and registration are detailed in this report. Among the three, the three products' registration information, including technical and formulations, is updated to XXX. Registrants and other specific data of the technical registration of these three products are clearly presented.

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Table Of Contents

1 Etofenprox 1
1.1 Basic information 1
1.2 Registration 1
1.3 Overview 1

2 Tebuconazole 2
2.1 Basic information 2
2.2 Registration 2
2.3 Overview 4

3 Dinotefuran 5
3.1 Basic information 5
3.2 Registration 5
3.3 Overview 5

List of Tables

Table 1.2-1 Valid registrations of etofenprox technical in China, as of Jan. 2014
Table 2.2-1 Valid registrations of tebuconazole technical in China, as of Jan. 2014
Table 3.2-1 Valid registrations of dinotefuran technical in China, as of Jan. 2014

List of Figures

Figure 1.1-1 Chemical structure of etofenprox
Figure 2.1-1 Chemical structure of tebuconazole
Figure 3.1-1 Chemical structure of dinotefuran

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