What are Escorts - Myths and Facts?

There are many countries which have legalized escorts and related business activities and United Kingdom is the most prominent among these. Until now escort industry was compared with flesh trade which is completely irrelevant. Having sex can be a part of getting escort service; but this does not necessarily means that escorts are only for physical relationships. There are many aspects of being a successful escort. One needs to be over 18 years in order to be a professional escort and there various qualifications which one requires to be an escort.

An escort is the one who provide companionship for others to fulfill their intimate desires or just to provide a good company. Generally there are escort agencies that provide the escorts and the client has to pay for meeting with the escorts. Generally men seek the services of the female escorts. Some of the female workers in this field are high class ladies who join this industry to get the experience meeting new clients and probably have sex. There is a misconception that young women are forced in this industry which is completely false. These ambitious young ladies join to get handsomely paid and get recognition in this entertainment industry. Many ladies end up being high class escorts.

This elite industry is the most promising revenue generating market and there is a tremendous growth in this field. The thing is that the escorts never go out of fashion and the people are always looking for a perfect companion for dating and relationship. The sexy escorts London are always in demand and their charm never fades away. Among the elite escort directories redvenusguide has established itself as the top most directory in London. It has reached new heights in terms of the escorts listing and providing quality services. The cheap London escorts have set a benchmark in the providing immaculate client services and building their reputation.

New online communication platforms have been developed to provide timely services and increase the efficiency. This industry promises to be the fastest growing industry and many more are investing in such markets to leverage their profits.