The Non-Erasable Eraserheads

In 1989, two college bands from the Philippines got together to form a new band they called Eraserheads. The band played mostly cover tunes at first, but soon realised they were a lot better at crafting and playing original material. From those humble beginnings Eraserheads went on to be one of the most influential and successful bands in Filipino history.

Today the band's name is synonymous with Pinoy pop and rock as new and up-and-coming bands try to emulate their heroes. As for the original Eraserheads, they seem to be non-erasable.

Still Around

Eraserheads’ reunion tours and concerts have kept the group connected for the last 11 years. Those reunion events include:

  • the Reunion Concert - August, 2008
  • the Final Set - March, 2009
  • the North American Tour - October, 2012
  • the World Tour - 2013

It is no surprise that each of the events sold out, given the popularity of the Eraserheads in Filipino circles. It is also no surprise that the boys are not done yet. Next year E-Heads are planning another concert event for the UK, scheduled for 4 April.

The Eraserheads Appeal

For people who are not familiar with Filipino music it might be difficult to understand why the Eraserheads are still loved so much. Perhaps it is their raw and avant-garde style; perhaps it is their infectious stage presence; perhaps it's a combination of both. In either case, the band has been compared multiple times to the Beatles of the 1960s. They have even been called the ‘Filipino Fab Four’.

Like the Beatles, Eraserheads did not gain international success right away. In fact, it was quite a while before they were even known in the Philippines. Between 1989 and 1993, they were playing mainly small clubs and university gigs for students. It wasn't until 1993 they began recording their first mainstream album.

Five years later the band played outside the Philippines for the first time at a BMG event in Singapore. They followed that up with a mini tour in the United States and a stop at New York City's famous Radio City Music Hall after winning the 1997 MTV Asia Viewer’s Choice Award. For the next five years, the band didn't look back.

Thankfully, Eraserheads still cares enough about the music to get together every now and again for new concert events. We are looking forward to seeing them doing what they do best in London next year.

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