Mental Health Services

Services are available for adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families and can focus on a wide range of issues including effectively coping with trauma, depression, and stress; death and loss; emotional or behavioral problems; or more severe and persistent mental illnesses.

Mental health services may include:

Ø  Individual therapy

Ø  Family or couples therapy

Ø  Group therapy

Ø  Psychiatric medication management

Ø  Supported employment

Ø  Case management

If there is a service that you need that we are unable to provide, then we will help you find another provider in the community that can.


Treatment is centered on your needs.

Most treatment is fairly brief. The approach and amount of time in treatment differs for each person.  At your first appointment, your treatment provider will ask you questions to get a better understanding of your needs.  You will discuss: 

Ø  Confidentiality of your information

Ø  Your health and mental health or substance use history

Ø  Your goals for treatment

Ø  What treatment approaches will work best for you

Ø  When you want treatment to end