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Watch Justin Bieber's Believe Online And despite the fact that Bieber is a teen superstar, Flores said his buddy is just a typical young guy with a penchant for video games. “We stay on X-Box,” Flores said of his downtime with the Biebs. “We stay playing PS3, NBA2K, Mortal Combat. We watch a lot of movies and TV shows, kind of just chillin’ and laughing. We also watch comedies like The Campaign and Step Brothers and comedy sketches like The Dave Chappelle Show.” Flores’ journey and all of his success in the music industry is impressive, especially for a kid who was raised in Belleville, New Jersey and had no connections to the music industry when he moved to Los Angeles.

“We’ve talked about it and stuff. It’s just {laughs}, his Spanish accent is really bad,” Flores said. “So if that’s ever going to happen, he’s really going to have to work on his accent!” he said. As for what lies ahead for Flores, the hardworking 24-year-old said he’s got a plan in the works. “I know I want to take a little break,” he said. “Then I’m going to come back to L.A., shoot a lot of music videos, write a short script and direct it and I want to open a production company,” said the ambitious Boricua.

It seems that Open Road Films, the studio releasing “Believe,” suspected they had a stinker on their hands because they only put the movie in 1000 theaters across the country. The mere fact that Open Road is the studio releasing the film could be interpreted as a sign of Hollywood’s declining faith in Bieber. Bieber’s first film, “Never Say Never,” which was released in 2011, was backed by Paramount, a major studio. It made more than $12 million at the box office its opening day and was released in more than 3100 theaters across the nation. “Never Say Never” went on to make $73 million in total ticket sales. “Believe” will likely struggle to make more than $25 million when all is said and done.

Stuck a chunk of coal in his fans’ stockings when a note was posted on it reading, “My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring.” The next day, moviegoers stuck coal in Bieber’s stocking when his new film, “Justin Bieber’s Believe” got hammered at the box office.

The Bieber retirement talk might be little more than Bieber poking fun at the media. A couple tweets later he told fans, “I’m never leaving you” and there has been no retirement follow up talk from his camp. But, the performance of the “Believe” movie is anything but a joke.

Representatives for Bieber didn’t return request from Speakeasy asking for a comment.

“Believe” made just $1.25 million in ticket sales its opening day in theaters, an average of a paltry $1,200 per theater. Expectations for “Believe” were fairly low, but this kind of weak Christmas Day performance was still unexpected. It wasn’t even among the top 10 movies in theaters on Christmas, finishing 14th in total box office.

"Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars on the planet and one of the greatest entertainers of our time," states Tom Ortenberg, CEO of Open Road Films. "BELIEVEwill be a huge Christmas present for Bieber fans and Open Road Films couldn't be happier about delivering this special engagement to theaters."

"I think it's him understanding the power that he has, and he's no longer just following direction or following the way it should be for a pop star. He's making his own path," Chu said. "And I think that's so admirable when you get beaten down every day by the press, the fact that he depends on his Beliebers to be there for him and as his moral compass."

"He's not that little boy we knew. People think he takes himself so seriously, but if you know Justin, he really doesn't," Chu said. "I feel like all the Beliebers know that because, when you follow him on Twitter, he's constantly making jokes about this or that or his pants sagging or whatever. You know that it is all in jest and is in fun and that he enjoys these things and he enjoys being a star, and I think that's something, from the outside, people just don't get the jokes sometimes."

Fans will get to see some of his prankster ways during the film as he hits the recording studio for Believe and jet sets around the world for his recently wrapped tour.Justin Bieber has done a lot growing up since his first documentary, "Never Say Never," was released back in 2011, and that's not just because he ditched the shaggy hair for a mustache.

In the past three years, Bieber has released an album, toured the world and had to learn to cope with some of the negative sides of fame. All of that has been documented in Bieber's latest documentary, "Believe," which was directed by "Never Say Never" director, Jon M. Chu, who told MTV News at the "Believe" premiere in Los Angeles that this film will clear up any misconceptions people may have of Justin.

“I just kind of started from the bottom and I just fought a lot and opened doors when those doors were closed,” Flores said.  “I kept going when people said 'no' and I’m proud of that and I’m happy about that – especially because I’m Puerto Rican and I’m representing [it], because there aren’t a lot of us,” he said. “I love how much love I get from the Latin community,” he added. And speaking of the Latin community, Flores said his superstar friend Bieber is an honorary Latino of sorts. “He loves Latin culture!” Flores said. “Some of his favorite places are Latin countries and he loves Latin women – he definitely embraces Latin culture,” he said. Flores said he and Justin even traveled to Guatemala recently with the charity organization “Pencils of Promise,” where they shot a documentary.

“They build schools, so we went down there and Justin helped build a school and we all took part in helping the community,” said Flores, who documented the whole experience. Still, as much as the Biebs loves Latin culture, Flores said it’s been tough to teach his buddy Español. “The one thing I was able to teach him and he finally picked up after all of these years is “Te amo con todo mi Corazon,” Flores said with a laugh. “He finally uses that one on the regular!” But don’t expect the Biebs to come out with a Spanish language album anytime soon.