Indeck Unveils New 75,000 PPH Superheat Boilers High Pressure Steam For Refineries, Petrochemicals and Plants

Indeck Unveils New 75,000 PPH Superheat Boilers High Pressure Steam For Refineries, Petrochemicals and Plants

Wheeling, Illinois, July 10, 2014:
Indeck has manufactured packaged boilers that can generate 75,000 pounds per hour of superheated steam at 750 psig and 750°F.  These watertube boilers are trailer-mounted and ready to burn natural gas or #2 oil.  The high pressure rental boilers come with Indeck’s boiler trim, a Low NOx burner and combustion controls.  They are utilized in refineries, power plants, steel mills, processing plants, utilities, petrochemical, chemical plants, paper processing plants for boiler rental either in an emergency, shut down or to augment current power. 

Indeck engineers designed these boilers to accommodate auxiliary equipment including the proprietary I-SCR (Indeck Selective Catalytic Reduction System) equipment to meet US EPA Clean Air Standards as required in the Boiler MACT.  Optional boiler equipment also includes: economizer, water treatment systems, forced gas recirculation and associated ancillary equipment. Indeck's rental managers are available to ship the 75,000pph superheat boilers 24/7 and can be reached at 800-446-3325.

Indeck Power Equipment Company,
has the largest stock of boilers in the world up to 250,000pph available for immediate shipment for lease, rental or sale. Indeck Keystone Energy custom designs and manufactures watertube boilers, solid fuel boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, thermal oxidizers, biomass boilers, high temperature hot water generators, and specialty boilers to 1,000,000 pph. Indeck engineers are available to assist plants meet MACT compliance requirements with engineering studies and assessments. 

Indeck is the home to many of the most trusted boiler designs built including Indeck Boiler, Volcano, Erie City, Zurn Energy, Aalborg land-based boilers, Starfire and International Boiler Works.  Manufactured styles include "A", "O", "D", Modular “D” type boilers along with the International LaMont® line of High Temperature Hot Water Generators and Travagrate® Stoker. Indeck has the largest inventory of boilers for sale, lease or rent, and for additional information see or email. Indeck maintains a dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline for service, rental boilers, used boilers, or new boilers at 800-446-3325 to get plants up and running quickly.     

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