Natural Remedies Of Premenstrual Syndrome Or PMS, Gynex Capsules

Premenstrual syndrome is one of the most common disorders in women. Premenstrual syndrome is a set of symptoms which arrive in the luteal phase of menstrual cycle. Luteal phase is second half of menstrual cycle 14 days or more after the first day of last menstruation cycle. These symptoms are consistent, arrive and go away within fixed duration, these symptoms are of sufficient severity to interfere with many aspects of normal life. These symptoms usually arrive within ten days prior to periods and vanish on second or third day of menstrual flow. Though severity and duration of these symptoms vary from woman to woman but pattern, duration and severity can be predicted in a particular woman.

Premenstrual syndrome is a set of symptoms, these begin within 10 days prior to periods and can stay till second day of menstrual flow, the severity can be different in every woman but symptoms more or less remain same. Some of the common symptoms occurring in most of the women suffering with PMS are bloating, feeling gaseous, breast tenderness, clumsiness, feeling tired, constipation, and diarrhea, headaches, less tolerance to shiny lights or sharp sounds and food cravings. These are common symptoms of PMS, in some women these appear before every period for few months and stop later on their own, but in most of the cases they persist. Women who have severe case of PMS face other symptoms like forgetfulness, difficulty in concentrating and confusion. 

Fatigue, feeling slow and sluggish and sleep related problems are also part of symptoms in severe cases of PMS, women having sleeping problems due to PMS either sleep too much or too less. Symptoms of PMS also destabilize mood and emotional state of a woman and can show up in the form of mood swings, aggressive behavior, and short outbursts of anger, hostile attitude and irritable demeanor. Women experiencing mood swings, feeling of hopelessness, sadness, feeling of anxiety, edginess and tensions regularly before periods are also suffering with PMS. Women also complain about feeling of guilt, increased fears, low sex drive and problem of poor judgment due to PMS. Women with such complaints come in large number for treatment with chunk of them facing severe symptoms of PMS.

Premenstrual syndrome affects every 3 women out of 4 in their fertile years; this is more common in adult women between ages of late 20s to late 40s compared to girls of less than 20 years of age. Women in their fertile years, having at least one child, with a personal history or family history of major depression and having personal history of postpartum or severe mood disorder are prone to suffer with severe symptoms of PMS. Though the exact causes of the problem have not identified by medical science, yet it is popularly believed that changes in brain hormone levels play a role in causing PMS, the severity of symptoms vary from woman to woman according to their response to these hormonal changes. Some experts believe that psychological, social, cultural and biological factors may also play a role in causing this problem.

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