Cheyenne Murals to Beautify the City

Created in 2015, the Cheyenne Mural Project aims to make downtown Cheyenne more attractive, instill a sense of pride, promote local artists, enhance the public realm, combat graffiti in neighborhoods, encourage people to spend more time downtown, encourage greater utilization of the alley for pedestrian traffic, and promote economic growth in the immediate surrounding areas of the project site. To date, DDA/Main Street has completed five large, successful murals located around downtown Cheyenne.


This current project will be funded by a partnership between the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee (MAC), and the Downtown Development Foundation.

This project is a continued effort to improve our Downtown Cheyenne alleyways and building sites. This call is for the wall located on the south side of the Wyoming Trophy and Engraving Building, at 1620 Thomes Ave. The theme for this wall is the Cheyenne Military, and preference of artist may be given to a military member or a military family member for completion of this work.

Know an artist that could beautify this wall? 

Contact and submission information:

Desirée Brothe

307.222.9199 (Cheyenne Creative)

307.433.9730 (DDA/Main Street office)