Positive Life Attitude Brought By Airwheel Intelligent Self Balancing Electric Scooter

11, August 2016: With the cars occupying high streets and back lanes, do you still think that the car can satisfy your pursuit for fashion? Let’s have a look at Airwheel intelligent electric scooter, which is a real fashionable attitude. In rush hours, you are riding the Airwheel and passing by the cars that are difficult to move even a little because of traffic jam. Is that cool?

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Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter owns unique life attitude of low-carbon travel. Airwheel is committed to launching the most affordable electric self-balancing scooters without compromise in quality and providing users with better riding experience.


Nowadays, traffic jam has restrained people’s travels greatly. The emergence of Airwheel liberates people from miserable traffic congestion. From now on, people can freely travel without any restraints. Airwheel intelligent 2-wheeled electric scooter adopts high quality tyres which has unique tyre pattern design, strong grip performance, and excellent skid resistance of various kinds of road surfaces.


Airwheel can be carried easily because of small size and light weight, which even can be put in a bag. Besides, the adopted maglev electric machine reduces the noise of engine. Therefore, even if you are riding it in the quiet library, it won’t disturb others at all. The built-in gyroscope and intelligent chip can test the real-time condition of Airwheel and send out corresponding feedbacks so as to maintain the balance and speed. If you want to make a turn, advance or reverse flexibly, what you need to do is to shift your center of body weight. In the eyes of passerby, it seems as the intelligent self-balancing scooter carries you to travel around. Isn’t that cool?


Selecting Airwheel as a transport is an environmentally-friendly life attitude and is also a low-carbon life style, which brings better life quality to people. Under persistent efforts of research and development, Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is energy efficient. The ultra-low energy consumption and carbon emission make it real green and low-carbon travel mode. Meanwhile, the used internationally branded battery enjoys much more stable performance, better quality and longer working life.

In our daily life, we need the courage to innovate and challenge. Airwheel’s inherent “free intelligent life” thinking exerts itself to produce every self-balancing electric scooter.

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