New Agency Plans, SMB Pricing Coming to PitchEngine

Recently, we rolled out the All-New PitchEngine which includes several new features and capabilities for small businesses and marketing & PR agencies. This week, we're introducing new subscription plans and pricing more suitable for those customers.

Subscriptions will start at a lower introductory price of just $19, which will include 1 Pitch-A-Month, plus all of the additional features including the Branded Newsroom, app and website integrations, analytics and reporting. We will retain the popular $99 subscription, but we'll be capping those accounts to 10 Pitches-A-Month.

We're introducing new Agency Plans designed for multi-brand accounts. Users who manage content for multiple clients will be able to choose from a variety of packages starting at $249 per month for up to 5 brands. These plans essentially scale with agency size and provide volume discounts.

We're also bringing online new On-Demand pricing at $20 per pitch.

"Our new pricing structure is really centered around usage," said Fabian Lobera, PitchEngine's COO. "We've packed a ton of value into each price point - regardless of the size of business or agency you manage." 

To explore the new pricing, you can visit this link. You won't be able to purchase the plans until they are live on the site in the coming days, however you can sign up in advance by contacting us directly at or via live chat on the site.

Learn more about the All-New PitchEngine here or follow us on Twitter @pitchengine or @jasonkintzler.