Dual USB Wall Charger – Perfect for Travel

15th April, 2014: Unlike most wall chargers that work on around 1 amp of current or dual usb chargers that use 2.1 amps plus 1 amp, the dual usb wall charger from Choetech works on full 2.1 amps on both usb ports.

This dual usb wall charger manufactured by Choetech allows charging between two smartphones or tablets at 2.1 amps each as it is designed in a unique manner to split the 4.2 amps charge between two ports. This is compact device that can be carried along easily while travelling and offers the perfect charging solution for various devices including Apple devices and Non-Apple devices or other devices. This charger is compatible with most smartphones and 5V tablets thus making it easy to carry one charger for many devices. It protects devices from overheating, overcurrent and overcharging as charging stops automatically once battery is full.

Choetech also offers a dual usb car charger that has a built in automatic protective fuse for safe charging of devices. One battery is full the charging automatically stops and it can be used for ipad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, blackberry, mp3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, or mobile phones. It offers rapid charging with a 4.2 real output and comes with a ABS+PC fireproof material.

These chargers are designed to meet the requirements of the growing tablet market and other devices such as ipad and big screen mobile phones like Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, and the iPhone 6 that is coming shortly.

About Choetech Technology

Choetech Technology is a wireless charger solution and power supply solution provider and related product manufacturer with seven years of experience. They offer fast delivery with one year warranty. Their products are of high quality with best prices and they also offer direct factory supply. 

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