The CAD Links Worth Your Time: 3D Robotics Teams Up With Autodesk That Wins Customers

Now 3D Robotics is teaming with Autodesk to design safer solutions for engineering, architecture and construction professionals. 3D Robotics will be assimilating products like ReCap, Autodesk’s Forge Platform and A360 with its drones.

Field professionals would be able to use the drones to perform inspections, surveys and scans of hard-to-reach areas like tall towers. The data that would be capturewill be processed in the cloud for download by the field workers.

3D CAD in news

Hasbro has filed Patent for Kid-Oriented 3D Scanner

Hasbro did file a patent for the first 3D scanner for kids. A docked smartphone would take images of a rotating toy on a turntable that the child hand cranks. The images, once converted to a 3D model, can be used in on-line gaming or 3D printed.

Till date there’s no announcement on when this scanner would be available, but it’s a fun way for kids to become interested in 3D scanning.

Hand Machined Guitar Pedal is the Ultimate Accessory for Your Steampunk Band

Do you want to rock like it’s 1899? Zachary Vex, a guitar pedal builder has designed a unique vibrato or phaser pedal using technology from the 1800s. The Z.VEX Candela Vibrophase which is available for a mere $6,000; runs by the heat of a tea light. The heat capacities a low-power Stirling engine that creates the pulsating vibrato sound.

3D Printing

3D printing is passing through a transitory phase. The industry noticed a need for more 3D designers, so some companies shifted their focus to reach kids earlier to get them interested in CAD.

Some of their mentionable approaches are :

  • CAD is fragmented into smaller, easier-to-understand modules.
  • To adapt CAD software for mobile devices.
  • Create specific 3D printable product apps.
  • To explore the possibilities with artificial intelligence.


new Onshape Features every user should know about:

The five features in this article show how Onshape is releasing the features regularly suchthat their users find it most helpful:

  1. Hole Feature
    Just select the type of hole-simple, counter bored, counter sunk; then select a sketch point on a part, the parts to apply it to and BAM, you have a new hole.
  2. Feature Patterns
    For a simple pattern, select the hole, add an angle and quantity. But more can be done even with patterns using variables.
  3. Variables 
    After giving a name, set a value, then use that to drive other features. One can define variables with basic equations but can also add some if-then logic and use array lookups.
  4. Tangent Mate
    This feature allows parts to slide against each other. One create a persistent tangential relationship and can do it across multiple surfaces.
  5. Replicate
    This intelligently assembles parts by taking the seed component and searching for alike geometry to automatically insert each instance.
  6. Version Compare 
    One can visually compare versions, workspaces, or moments in history. You can see all the changes visually, right there in the view-port.

SketchUp Skill Builder – Mirroring

With no mirroring command, one can learn to create the effect with other options, which include rotation, scaling and the flip along commands.

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