keyboard_arrow_up announces Explosion Tour 2014 announced their Explosion Tour 2014, a 20 show tour highlighting regional artists of multiple genres.  Explosion Tour 2014 begins on Independence Day, July 3, 2014, running through August 4, 2014.  In addition to the multi-genre promotional concerts, the tour will include edutainment seminars giving participants an opportunity to gain working knowledge of the music industry and business in general. Presentations will be conducted by business professionals from the music and marketing industries.

Multi-genre promotional concerts give independent artists an opportunity to showcase their music, but to market and promote the projects and products to potential fans as well.  Independent business owners, entrepreneurs and sponsors will also have the ability to showcase their wares as well.

Explosion Tour 2014 dates:

July 3 – Baltimore, MD

July 6 – Washington, DC

July 9 – Virginia Beach, VA

July 10 – Raleigh, NC

July 12 – Charleston, SC

July 16 – Atlanta, GA

July 18 – Florida

July 23 – New Orleans, LA

July 25 – Corpus Christi, TX

July 27 – Minneapolis, MN

July 29 – Denver, CO

July 31 – Reno, NV

Aug – 1 Long Beach, CA

Aug 2 – Tempe, AZ

Aug 3 – Ontario, CA

Aug 4 – Los Angeles, CA

August 6 – Las Vegas, NV

“We are on a crusade to end the term starving artist, and to teach talented men and women how to be better business men and women in the fields of music, entertainment, and advertising. we want to level the playing field for independent artists of all genres of music.”-(Born Divinci) aka Born Divine, leader of the brand.

Supporting and Explosion Tour 2014, is The Hype Magazine.  The Hype Magazine has held the title of Number One Digital Magazine for 11 years and expanded to newsstands in Nov 2013.  The Hype Magazine will provide promotional and editorial support for the duration of the tour.


Due to the exponential growth of network marketing & mlm companies, we look to utilize these business models & combine it w/the music industry in order to give independent artists a competitive edge. It seems only fair that we share our success…we have visions of turning each of the cities we visit into tourist attractions; bringing artists and business professionals from across the country and world together via all indie media mediums; and last, but certainly not least, bringing art, education and economics together on one platform, essentially building individual, community & small business independence.

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