One Treatment Exterminates Super Lice

Boca Raton, FL – March 24, 2014

A new breed of head lice has parents in a panic. They are known as “Super Lice” and they have developed immunity to the ingredients frequently used in head lice treatments. Getting rid of these bugs is now more challenging than ever before.

Super lice are the product of the overuse of chemically-based lice treatments. Pesticides are used in the most common over-the-counter products to kill the insects, but now head lice have built up resistance to these chemicals.

“We need to stop using toxins on our children.  These chemicals have only forced lice to adapt and evolve into the super lice that we deal with today.” said Howard Shecter, lice expert and CEO of ClearLice. “ClearLice attacks lice differently, and that’s why this is the fastest and most effective way to kill super lice.”

Shecter states that ClearLice products use natural ingredients to mock the molting process of head lice. The exoskeleton (outer shell) of the lice and nits are cracked open and the lice die once they are exposed to the formula. “The bugs cannot become immune to our ingredients,” said Shecter.

 “I created this treatment years ago when we couldn’t get rid of my son’s super lice, but I had no idea that super lice would become the problem that it is today. I just want to make sure that parents won’t have to deal with the same headaches I did,” said Shecter.

About ClearLice

ClearLice is a family owned company that has been in business for 6 years. These products were created after the CEO’s 2 year old son caught head lice from school.  Shecter tried many over-the-counter treatment products that did not work. He decided to do some research and create his own natural head lice remedy. It can get rid of head lice in one day.


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