Injury Prevention Resources

Founded in 1994 by Lorrie Pozarik

How does Injury Prevention Resources (IPR) serve Lander? Injury Prevention Resources saves local lives by decreasing the incidence of impaired driving, increasing the correct use of child safety seats and safety belts, and promoting safety during recreational activities. IPR offers many community outreach education programs and resources and works closely with the Lander schools to educate students about safety in a fun and memorable manner.

How will your Challenge for Charities donation to Injury Prevention Resources make a difference in Lander this year? IPR will use Challenge for Charities funds to conduct school and community based programs in Lander, including Safety Rodeos and child car seat/seat belt safety outreach. The primary purpose of the Safety Rodeos is to teach K-3 students and their parents what they can do to reduce the risk of injury to children in our community. The Safety Rodeos provide hands-on, interactive education for young children in the following areas: use of Emergency 911, fall prevention at home and on the playground, fire safety and planning, helmet and bicycle safety, pedestrian safety rules and traffic signs, water-related safety, and school-bus safety. For older middle school and high school students, IPR is providing simulator-enhanced distracted/impaired driver education programs.

How else you can you help Injury Prevention Resources? Injury Prevention Resources holds the above-described Safety Rodeos annually in the months of April and May. Volunteer opportunities are available for those individuals willing to donate their time and efforts to educate children in the diverse safety topics featured in the rodeo.

What else? Injury Prevention Resources works hard to save lives every day through education programs in the Lander area by shining a light on the importance of driver and pedestrian safety while on the highways. IPR partners with the Lander community to avoid preventable instances of highway related injury and mortality.

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