Conscious Woman Presents: Relationships Development 101 - Back To Basics

Vancouver WA (PRWEB) January 10, 2014

It's year two and The Conscious Woman is growing at light speed and the next live event will be centralized around the energy of relationships! If there is a relationship in your life that could use healing, perhaps with a spouse, family member, or maybe a friend, then they hope to see you at their 2014 kickoff event. This event helps real women, with real problems, see real results, improving the quality of their life.

Due to the continual growth and success of Conscious Woman they have been blessed to move into a large building in Vancouver, WA. This will be the first Conscious Woman event held at the new 5000 sq. ft. BizVizable Vancouver location. The year of 2014 is a year of breakthrough and favor, so come join them in kicking it off. There's plenty of space and this event won’t be forgotten. Invite all the ladies you know and prepare to get back to basics with relationship development.

What is a Conscious Woman? 
A "Conscious Woman" is not a saint, she is not a monk, and she’s not perfect. A conscious woman is aware of how she affects the world, and how the world affects her. Temple says, “The more conscious we are of our surroundings, and how past experiences affect our lives. The easier it is to manifest our desires, and the faster we can recover from our pains and unfortunate circumstances.”

The Conscious Woman Group brought to you byTemples World is inspiration for the modern woman. It provides empowerment and inspiration for the modern woman without hiding life’s ailments. It’s a place of full transparency, and sincere care. The hope for The Conscious Woman is to see women liberated and made free from within, by confronting the issues that hold women back from being the best they can be.

When Temple Cartmill launched Temple’s World, it was with the intention to see everything as energy, promote personal development, and inspire love. She had a vision to see women release and restore their energy, and this led to creating Conscious Woman.

At the heart of every woman, is a desire for fulfilling life. Temple states, “I see so many strong, competent women, burning out by trying to do it all themselves. I want to help them stay in the game and not drop into illness and pain because they were too embarrassed to asked for support or didn’t want to expose themselves”

Conscious Woman workshops have been life changing for many women. They have seen recovery from cancer, found new love, new careers started, and so much more. The strength of a group of loving women is powerful, and it’s imperative for sudden and significant growth and healing. There will be live music, and the tools needed to manifest life’s most valuable goals. This work is done through the power of witnessing and prayer. When there are women to witness a story, provide support, and be willing to come together in prayer, what manifests is truly miraculous.

To be a part of the next Conscious Woman event happening on January 19th, purchase tickets and type in the cost of how many tickets you want. -- They can’t wait to see you at their new building on Sunday, January 19th, from 4pm-7pm!!

Temple’s World presents Conscious Woman at: 
BizVizable Vancouver 
705 Park Crest Ave 
Suite A100

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Conscious Woman Presents: Relationships Development 101 - Back to Basics