The deodorant market in India sweats through to cross the 200 million mark

Mumbai, India – June 26, 2014 - The deodorant market in India is still in its growing stages and is surprisingly dominated by the men’s deodorant category. It occupies around 60% of the market share with HUL hailed as the market leader with 31.5% of the total market share. The market in India comprises several product categories like Deodorant Wipes, Deodorant Roll-Ons, Deodorant Creams, Deodorant Sprays, Deodorant Sticks and Deodorant Pumps and the industry as a whole, is predicted to grow by a CAGR of about 25% in the next 5 years.

This report: Anti-Perspirants and Deodorant Market in India to 2017 concentrates on the key market drivers of this segment and some popular market trends which dominate this sector. The report further highlights the present market conditions as well as the key players shaping the markets.


Key market drivers

The anti-perspirants and deodorants market has been growing in India due to the increased use of such products as a direct consequence of increased consciousness among the consumers about cleanliness, fashion and a heightened sense of hygiene. Moreover, the market is also driven by increased disposable incomes among the lower and the middle class segments, which is also prompting lower middle class consumers to purchase various deodorant sprays. Moreover, the harsh climate of the nation, characterized by humidity and hot weather prevalent during the months between March and September, has acted as a strong growth driver. Such weather conditions compel a large number of consumers to resort to such products to keep themselves cool. Therefore today, these products have become necessities and are no longer viewed as luxurious goods – a key change noted in the consumption patterns that has caused a significant increased in sales volumes.


Popular trends influencing the deodorant market

Studies conducted on deodorant market research has asserted that women have been overshadowed by men in this market with the male segment comprising USD 166.18 million of the overall market, whose overall value stands at around USD 232.65 million. This is due to the trend wherein men remain outdoors for a much longer period of time, as opposed to women and are prone to more strenuous physical activity causing them to sweat more. Consequently, the market possesses a wide range of products that cater to men, but very few variations for women. Another reason for the scanty amount of women’s deodorants available in the market is that such products have only recently been introduced in the cosmetics market. Prior to the advent of these items, Indian women were known to always prefer perfumes to deodorants.


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