In Honor of Homeowners Appreciation Day, Dahan Properties Launches “Building Green With Style”

West Hollywood, CA, April 29, 2014 -- Advanced technology is changing the world, making life easier and more efficient. From cell phones to cars to medicine, everything is evolving and real estate should be no exception. Dahan Properties is committed to revolutionizing the real estate industry by applying eco-friendly living, modern technology and luxurious additions to the homes they build.

In honor of Homeowners Appreciation Day on May 1st, Dahan Properties is launching a two week social media campaign that will showcase industry tips and techniques on making homes green, modern and luxurious. The first week will inform current and future homeowners about green building trends, why they are beneficial and how they can be successfully implemented. Green practices such as reclaimed wood, low flow water systems, Energy Star certified appliances, strategic lighting and natural insulation will be featured daily. The second week will highlight additions to supplement an ordinary house to make it more modern and luxurious. Elements such infinity pools, large scaled walk in closets, floating steps, electronic home control systems and bodega spaces are features that contribute to luxury living.

The goal for this campaign is to show consumers Dahan Properties’ innovative approach to green home building and modern luxury design. “It’s important for consumers to know the benefits of green building to not only beautify neighborhoods, but to positively impact the environment. That’s what we believe in and that’s how we work”, says Mayer Dahan, Founder and CEO of Dahan Properties.

About Dahan Properties

Dahan Properties is an umbrella corporation that houses businesses in different industries. These companies are Prime Five Homes, a full service real estate development firm, an e-commerce luxury clothing store, a real estate app under development, and a 501c3 non profit organization, The Dream Builders Project. Each company has a purpose to do good work in order to provide a higher quality of living for individuals. To find out more, please visit