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Mobile and Social Recruiting A Sign Of The Times

Increasingly, candidates view and apply for jobs they find on social networks. As more and more companies begin to use social media to market to and recruit from their target audiences, so will those companies need to account for the number of candidates who choose to interact with companies' recruiting messages through their mobile devices.

Currently, Facebook is the number one most-used app in the US(with 75% of social media users accessing the network from their mobile devices, followed by Twit­ter at 28%, Google+ at 26%, Insta­gram at 13%, and Pin­ter­est at 9%).The numbers of users who connect with companies via their social networks represent a large opportunity for the recruitment industry to provide the ability for potential candidates to interact with careers they learn about through their online connections.

While mobile devices are more convenient for jobseekers and passive candidates who discover jobs through web searches or by clicking on mobile ads or social media links, most companies do not currently have mobile-optimized websites. According to one recent study by Potential Park, only about 16% of the surveyed organizations had career sites that were ready to be viewed on a mobile device and another recent statistic suggests that only 8% of the Fortune 100 have mobile-optimized career sites.

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