DataHealth Consultancy Specialise in Private Health Insurance Consultancy for Individuals & Companies

Surrey, January, 2014: DataHealth Consultancy has launched specialised Private Health Insurance consultancy for individuals and companies alike. Taking out a health insurance makes important part in life, but the wide array of health insurance options available in the market is sure to make anyone confused. DataHealth Consultancy has brought their unique service to help individuals as well as companies to pick the right health insurance according to their specific requirements.

The company tallies the coverage offered by the health insurance; they go through the terms and conditions offered by the policy for you and they compare the prices between different health insurances available in the market, and once they have completed their research work they present you with their recommendation that meets your needs. DataHealth Consultancy also provides the same services for companies. They provide top notch consultancy service for Company medical insurances and saves not only money, but as well as your valuable time through expert research oriented assistance. They offer consulting for personal and company international medical insurance; sports private and sports club health insurance; as well as family health cash and business health cash plans.

DataHealth provides this comprehensive health insurance consultancy service for individuals and companies for no charges at all; they work as an independent and impartial brokerto provide individuals and companies with the best health insurance options. They operate on a commission only basis, so the clients do never incur additional costs for any of the services offered by DataHealth. They also offer free health insurance advice throughout the year and free market review on every renewal.

About the company:

The Company,DataHealth Consultancy is an independent insurance intermediary brokerage firm with many years of experience in the industry. The company specialises in private medical health insurance and are authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority. As already mentioned, there are many health insurance policies out there, but picking the right one and considering each and every aspect of the insurance might be confusing for most people; DataHealth Consultancy makes this comparing and selection process simple through their service. First of all they carry out a questionnaire about your specific requirements; and then they start their research work to come up with the most suitable options for you. They consider and tally every aspect of the major insurances to come up with the most suitable option to fit your requirements.

Contact Information: 

Company Name: Datahealth Consultancy Ltd.

Mailing Address: Health Insurance Brokers,

No.6 Levylsdene Court, Levylsdene,

Guildford, Surrey, GU1 2RX    

Contact Number: 0800 328 0330