Jobs for Angels Veterans - Nightmare Realities A Book That Bring You War, Love And Murder

A soldier who falls in love has crazy dreams about murder but keeps his dreams secret until it is to late.

We are pleased to announce that Veterans - Nightmare Realities is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, a book that is fast becoming one of the most talked about books available as a download.


The book tells the story of love, murder and regrets, a soldier who wanted to fall in love but instead fund the horror of war would not leave him and his nightmares turned into reality as he killed the woman he thought he would spend the rest of his life with.


When a soldier returns home from war, he should be looking forward to falling in love and spending quality time with the woman of his dreams, he should not be going to bed of a night time having nightmares about murdering his girlfriend, bringing the horror of war into his bedroom, but this is what happened to Trevor, a soldier that wanted to forget about war and just enjoy the love of a beautfil woman.


Jobs for Angels Veterans - Nightmare Realities is a book that is hard to stop reading once you have started, and with the style of writing, you feel you are a part of the story, watching on the sidelines as danger lies a head.

Summary of Jobs for Angels Veterans - Nightmare Realities

Young girls help war vets by being a friend, have coffee, and play cards with them, through an organization called AVSA.  Ashley, an attractive blonde, falls in love with Trevor, a soldier.  After they are dating, we see he has crazy dreams like Ashley is an enemy and kills her.  He does not disclose these dreams to Ashley.  However, he does end up acting out his dream.  At the end, after Ashley’s funeral, Trevor is seen with another “angel” on the job having coffee and playing cards with her.

One of the girls, Taylor, had much experience with war vets.  She had dated Gene, whom was a co-worker, who during their courtship discovered that he would occasionally sit, crouched in a corner, as if he was afraid that someone would get him.  After they broke up, Gene later found another girlfriend who felt sorry for him.

Taylor had also dated an old friend, David, from high school, who had been to war. Taylor and David seemed to happy together and she moved in with him, to later find he had the same “symptoms” as Gene, and would occasionally hide under a table or in a corner, when he’d hear some unusual sound outside, as he was sure that they were coming to get him.  After some time together, she had to move out, as she couldn’t take it anymore, and he refused to get help, claiming that there was nothing wrong with him.  He later goes to the Polynesian Islands and finds a very young wife there, who can wait on him much like a servant.

After that, Taylor met a very intelligent man, Brady, who had been in the Army, and was divorced several years from his Russian wife.  After they dated for some time, it became quite evident that he seemed to have a fear of getting too close to people, and lived the life of a military man, and being very frugal, very strict, and was very depressed.  Taylor broke it off with him after he would continuously shy away from her family, friends, and social gatherings, as Taylor was a more outgoing person, and in the beginning, thought that Brady was too.

When Taylor heard of this network called Jobs for Angels, she decided to join.  She makes friends with Ashley who tells her she is madly in love with Trevor.  When Taylor meets Trevor, she sees some of the same signs as with Gene, David, and Brady, and warns Ashley.  Ashley, however, follows her heart instead, and meets her demise, as Trevor kills her in his sleep one night, thinking he was on the battle front.


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