Twitter Disabled Our Notifications 85,000 post views in one week (FTM)

Sancola is very pleased with the success and development that we saw throughout the process using Twitter. We never imagined that the reach would go so far and people would be so into it. We actually thought we were only talking to a few people, when Twitter sent us an email saying they’ve disabled our notifications because we were getting 600 an hour. We began to receive reports from Twitter quoting 85,000 post views in one week , thousands of retweets, etc. Felicity Jackson from Actors Pro Expo had convinced us a few months earlier to use StarNow to reach a wider audience. We had a total of 45,000 digital submissions through StarNow USA, UK, and New Zealand. It became an enormous task going through all the submissions, but we did it. Our goal was to put together a cast that would instantly have a chemistry. And if we had to go to Timbuktu to find it, we would.

To secure a theatrical release and distribution, we’d like to get a few more celebrity names on board. Sean Young has been absolutely wonderful, and we are so indebted to have her support on this film. Robbie Gee also has been wonderfully supportive in our ventures, and brings along a wealth of experience and humor. We have in mind a few more classic actors. To make this film the way we see it, with the most celebrities, and to bring it to its biggest and best potential, which we all have seen is enormous, we’re going to expand the project and raise more funds.

We are very excited to announce that we will be joining the KickStarter Funding Community to help accelerate and embellish the production and provide maximum exposure for the film and our amazing cast. We love the idea of the social network and using advanced technology systems like KickStarter that not only help generate capital, but also build an international fan base. As 60% of Hollywood movie revenue comes from Europe, it would make practical sense to expand focus to those territories as well, and KickStarter allows us to do that. Our KickStarter Campaign will be due to start September 1st. Join us in making a movie, it’s gonna be a ride! -FTM Producers