The Meaning of Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon is a symbol of significance in the U.S. Army marching songs have mentioned to a yellow ribbon . 1917 George A Norton first copyright buy this song down . This song 's name is " yellow ribbon around her neck ."

In 1940, many musicians are trying to rewrite this song. Early in 1970 , the song Tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak was released . In this song , the one trapped in the Iran hostage 's wife , Penney Laingen, is the first yellow ribbons as a meaningful symbol person. She will be a yellow ribbon tied to a tree up to express her feelings of hope for her husband to return home . Her friends and family because of her loyalty and follow suit. When all Americans see this information expressed in ribbons , ribbons became a passing emotional medium. 1990 , by the ribbons and information can be used as a medium to pass feelings inspired by AIDS activists decided to start the ribbons as a symbol of their fight against HIV . They will be designated as red ribbon color to express their enthusiasm. In the Tony Awards ceremony , the famous actor Jeremy Irons will be a red ribbon on the chest of the other photo is forever fixed down . Tony Awards ceremony, ribbon successfully caught everyone's attention and popular in the United States. U.S. Time magazine but will 1992 called " Ribbon of " Alexandra Penney, 1992 female in Health Self magazine editor , started editing a new one annual national breast cancer prevention campaign . Evelyn Lauder, Estee Lauder Estee Lauder 's vice president , was invited to become a national breast cancer prevention campaign in mid-1992 published the guest editors . Penney and Lauder out together an idea that all recruitment giant cosmetics group , to persuade them to ribbons in New York sent within each cosmetic shops . Evelyn Lauder was also promised she would put ribbons successfully spread to all corners of the country .

Charlotte Hayley, a struggle for many years and breast cancer patients , produced a pink ribbon. She sold with the card says , "National Cancer Institute annual capital budget is 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, 5% for the prevention and treatment of cancer , let us wear this silk awaken our legislators to bring it. Spread her message very fast and quickly cause Penney and Evelyn Lauder 's attention. they offered to work together to expand Hayley and her ideas , but Hayley rejected their proposal and consider their suggestions for commercial purpose too .

Lauder providers in proper opportunities for cooperation and after , Hayley and her lawyer to put forward a new ribbon color . The new color is set to pink. The pink ribbon has become the global fight against breast cancer logo.

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