You Take on What You Have On!

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There is an old expression that says, “Clothes make the man/woman.” That expression still rings true. The tendency is to exude a certain behavior based on the level of dress that we are wearing. I have often said that Business Casual has become Business Casualty.

I think all of us have what I call that not so feel good outfit. That’s the one we put on when we don’t feel as positive as we should for one reason or another. You know the one — a button is missing, there’s a stain on it or it just doesn’t fit quite right. Well, it’s time to get rid of it!

There are other outfits in our closet though that make us feel better — making us more confident and positive as we step out to do business. If you don’t have one of those outfits in your closet, go out and treat yourself — purchase something new.

I have always been told to dress for success because your behavior will take on what you have on.

MARVIN MONTGOMERY is an author, speaker and sales training consultant with more than 30 years of experience. You can ask the Sales Doctor a question at

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