APM Engine Parts Explains the Importance of Diagnosing Faulty Spark Plug Wires

 ATLANTA, GA, June 03, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- According to the rebuilt engines specialists, APM Engine Parts, you should always inspect your spark plug wires and replace them when necessary. Whether you drive a conventional fuel or diesel vehicle, there are thousands of tiny explosions occurring every minute that are caused by the engine's spark plugs. The process is a bit different for diesels since they do not require a spark during the compression cycle.

Spark Plug Wire Analysis

The expression "fire on all cylinders" lends truth to the importance of properly installed spark plugs. The ignition phase is all about timing, and a critical part of this that often goes unchecked is the spark plug wires. Each plug has an individual line that runs from the engine's distributor, the part that "distributes" the electrical energy generated by the alternator.

Since the wires remain immobile and their only purpose is to carry the charge to the plug end, they typically go a long time without needing maintenance. The rubber insulation coating is made thick to prevent electrical shorts but is not immune to damage. A break in the surface inevitably exposes the wire, which keeps the spark from getting to its destination.

According to David Debuc, Vice President of APM Engine Parts, "If your engine idles rough, takes longer to start or is misfiring in general, it is most likely due to bad spark plug wires. A quality set costs between $50 and $100 but is vital for normal, let alone optimal, engine performance."

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