Memphis Chiropractor Helps Locals Get Relief From Back And Shoulder Pain Naturally

Memphis TN, 21-March-2014 - Memphis Chiropractor Neurology and Dr. Michael Bibb, DC, DACNB, Memphis chiropractor, are pleased to announce that solutions for shoulder and back pain are available with the use of chiropractic medicine procedures. The philosophy of chiropractics focuses on determining the underlying cause of pain and addressing it with natural and non-invasive methods.

According to Dr. Michael Bibb DC, DACNB during an interview, "My approach as a chiropractor during the first consultation with a patient is to ensure that an accurate and complete examination is performed. The exam takes into consideration the physical condition of the body, digital images and patient history. Once the information is gathered, I can design a program that will relieve pain and improve overall health, as well."

"Alignment problems are often the basis for back and shoulder pain" he continues. "When I determine that there are subluxations in the vertebral column, I begin a care plan with necessary adjustments. When the spine is aligned correctly, circulation in the area where the damage occurred helps to repair the damage naturally. The body will tend to repair itself if blockages and impediments are removed. My techniques assist in this process."

The patient who is not focused on pain is able to take additional steps to improve health. Exercises to strengthen weak muscles may prevent future pain. Exercises will also improve overall circulation. Patients might be counseled about their nutritional needs. Better nutrition helps the body to be better able to fight off health problems. Correct posture is important in overall health, as is stress reduction techniques and practices.

Learn more about pain relief methods by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about the information in this press release are invited to contact Dr. Michael Bibb, DC, DACNB, at the location described below.

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