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Prestashop Addon is a company that has earned its fame and reputation over the years, providing Prestashop plugins and development services. And it’s no doubt, the best Prestashop module provider in the market. If you visit, you will be able to see for yourself, the amazing modules we offer. In addition to the pre-made modules available in our website, we also offer custom module development services. If you require a unique feature that’s not integrated to any of our modules, we can build it for you upon request.

The experience of working with us for many years and their previous ecommerce experience has made our staff, the best in the field. They have the creativity, skill, talent as well as the experience. And we are genuine and trustworthy in all our services. All our modules are built to be high quality. For each module, we gather the necessary data by studying the target market, analyze them and build our design based on the results. We possess a team of creative designers who can build eye-catching, interactive, user friendly interfaces. Our developers are highly talented and experienced, therefore offers exactly what is required for the module. Each module is thoroughly tested for bugs before deployment.

All the modules are built to comply with Prestashop standards and are guaranteed to work with the latest versions of Prestashop. If you face any complications, you can always contact us for support. The user friendliness of the modules are not limited to the front end. They are easy to use, for the store owner and for the customers of the store alike. Installation and configuration procedures are broken down to steps, to be easily understandable for Prestashop beginners. In addition to the simplicity, we also have included a detailed document for each Prestashop module which explains the installation and configuration specific to the module as well as the features and functionality of the module.

We also provide free installation support to all our products. If you have any difficulty with installation even after you have read the documentation of the product, you can call us to get support. Our courteous and friendly customer service agents will be more than happy to help you out. They will guide you through each step of the installation process by explaining and providing you details to be entered. The customer support team is available 24/7 to resolve any issue you face with regards to your product. And you can always contact them to get to know more information about a Prestashop module or to obtain a quotation for a custom module. They are ready to answer all your questions and queries.

If you face any issues with module purchased from Prestashop Addon, we also have a money back guarantee. You can always contact us and provide proof of the problem or the bug you faced, to get your money back. To find out more about this, please read our terms and conditions page which has the conditions that makes you eligible for the money back option.

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