Wind River Casinos educating employees on workplace violence; Intervention and prevention is important

Violence in the workplace is a big deal. Wind River Hotel & Casino took the initiative to train all 700 of their employees how to prevent and how to handle situations where violence could occur in the workplace and even in home settings.

A mother and daughter from South Dakota; Laticia & Yvonne DeCory were invited to Fremont County by CEO Jim Conrade to teach the training to all his employees.

A class that was spanned over a two-day period, so that many groups could get in at different times to take the mandatory training.

The mother and daughter reminded the employees that drugs and alcohol are not always a part of every situation. “Sometimes people can snap,” Leticia DeCory said, “we are here to educate, and from that, provide intervention as well as prevention.”


Topics such as workplace bullying, how to be a better manager and supervisor, how to respond to situations during workplace incidents, and even mobbing; meaning when a group of people click together and make you feel uncomfortable, were some of the issues talked about during the two-hour training.

Events across the nation about workplace violence, such as shootings, and stabbings were given recognition.  “Be educated and know your company policies, don’t be naive, thinking it could never happen here.” Mother Yvonne Decory said.


“Everyone has a role in preventing workplace violence,” Laticia Decory said. “Don’t be afraid to tell, suicide, loss of job, physical violence, and even death could be the result of being afraid.”

The pair offered conflict resolutions, letting some employees speak into the microphone, so all in attendance could hear.

“It is always good to work on ourselves, Laticia said, “get out of bed in the morning thinking who am I going to impress today, whose life can I change in a positive way.”

The difference between bullying and aggression were spoken as well as the difference of bullying and teasing, the difference between deliberate and not intending to harm. “Everyone is born with a temperament,” the pair said, “we can’t change temperaments, but we can adjust them.”  

“Change is good,” said the mother and daughter to the attendees, “sometimes it is hard for us to accept it. There’s always two solutions to keep in mindwe can either find another job or fix the problems in a positive way.”  

A great informative training for the employees of the Wind River Hotel & Casino. Everyone seemed to be attentive, laughed at the jokes, smiled when they could relate, and left with a lot to think about.