Actress PAULA LABAREDAS is Social Media Obsessed in New ‘Barbie Girl’ Song Parody “#SELFIE GIRL”


LOS ANGELES (February 18, 2015) – Actress PAULA LABAREDAS takes social media obsession to the extreme in “#SELFIE GIRL,” a new music video parody of the 90’s hit song ‘Barbie Girl’ by dance-pop group Aqua.

#SELFIE GIRL follows a dolled up fashionista and her obsession with becoming famous through posting selfie photos on social media networking services.

No stranger to social media herself, Labaredas created and stars in the parody which pokes fun at the ‘selfie’ culture that has exploded on the social media scene. She explains, “I wanted to shed light on the reality that a person can earn fame and fortune simply by sharing their Selfies.”

To help co-write the lyrics, Labaredas brought in stand-up comedian Allan Murray, known for his "Paris in Jail" parody music video which garnered 32 million hits online. #SELFIE GIRL shares:

I'm a selfie girl, in a selfie world
YouTube is the hood, the new Hollywood 
Selfies are my Jam, I’m huge on Instagram 
My life is peaking, ohh my nudes are leaking!

Labaredas is an actress, model and internet sensation. This Portuguese-American beauty was a series regular in the international soap opera “Mausum” and has worked with the legendary actor Al Pacino and the renowned producer/director Roger Corman. As a correspondent, she has interviewed such greats as James Cameron, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart, Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell among others. 

Labaredas was recognized by AOL News as Euro 2012’s main attraction and by for best cosplay modeling at the heralded SDDC. She has been featured on various blogs, including Sports Illustrated, Portugal's Playboy, AOL News, Radar Online, NY Post, Huffington Post, NASDAQ, MoeJackson and Daily Star. Her image has also graced the covers of Steppin Out, Pompano Today, Cupcake Magazine, We Rise Mag and the pages of Hot Rod, Car Craft, Femme Fatales, CFQ and numerous other newspapers.

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