Bikers Against Bruises Ride for a Cause

(Sheridan, Wyo) - The Advocacy and Resource Center in Sheridan came up with a unique way to call attention to victims of violent crime this weekend. The Bikers Against Bruises ride allowed motorcycle enthusiasts to show support for the critical work local advocates do for such victims. The ride started at the Advocacy and Resource Center, visited multiple sites around the county and ended at the Cozy Corner with a barbecue.

I talked to a few of the participants to find out what the ride meant to them.

Jeri Johnson was visiting from Colorado. She was planning on participating in some charitable rides set up by the Under the Blood Motorcycle Ministry in Gillette and heard about the Bikers Against Bruises. “I just love to ride,” she said, “I’ll do any of these I can.” She felt that more people need to be aware of the prevalence of violence towards women and children. “Bikers are the perfect ones to reach out. No one is without sin, but who are we to judge? Bikers can go into the bars and other places and really reach people.”

Cal Horton and Hope Michel are locals who ride with a group of about 17 motorcyclists every Sunday. They meet at the crack of noon at the No Name Bar and do different rides around the area. “You don’t need to have a special kind of bike, there is no initiation,” Cal explained. They were both proud to take part in Saturday’s ride. “It was a good ride for a good cause,” Cal said.

“With good friends. And we made some new friends,” Hope added.