Market Leadership: Industrial Controls and Factory Automation Market

Major players operating in this market are generally providing the entire package of industrial control and factory automation systems, software’s and solutions to their clients and including the provision of hardware, software and services. The players such as Siemens Ag (Germany), ABB LTD (Switzerland), Emerson Electric Company (U.S), Rockwell Automation Inc (U.S.), Schneider Electric SA (France) and Honeywell International Inc (U.S.) are considered as the leaders in the industrial control and factory automation market. However, players like Johnson Controls Inc (U.S), General Electric Company (U.S.), Texas Instruments Inc (U.S) and Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan) are the major contributors in the market.

With the advancement in technology, the industrial control and factory automation system market is growing with a great pace. The organizations now demand for improved operational efficiency with high quality production, which is possible only with highly efficient working robots and industry automation software systems. In present scenario, where the human activities are also being automated by use of robotics, the industrial control and factory automation system provides great aid to the plant operators to carry out the monitoring and controlling process in a cost-effective manner which in turn increases the operational efficiency of the firm. Benefits of a fully automated control over the manually controlled process are convenience, reduction in process time, and increased efficiency and profitability.

Siemens AG (Germany), an electronics and electrical engineering company, offers wide range of automation technology for process control systems, one of them is namely “SIMATIC PCS 7”. This is a distributed control system (DCS) which is very flexible, scalable, and influential. Its integrated security notion ensures safe, reliable and continuous operation of the system. The benefits offered by this system are increase in system availability time, investment security and future-dependent technology, and reduced cost of ownership. In future, utilizing the industrial control system and factory automation products with the cellular technology and satellite technology will boom the market.

Rockwell Automation (US) provides industrial automation, power, and control and information solutions. The company provides a process automation system namely “PlantPAx”. This system is developed to provide the functionalities of distributed control system with highly rich and unique feature by combining plant wide control technologies with the core capabilities needed for the better operation. With open data communication standards, the system makes real time data available to the organization for better decision and strategy making process. Having industrial control and factory automation systems along with the internet of things will change the present scenario of the control systems.

The market for industry control and factory automation is driven by the increasing focus on energy saving and efficiency improvement. The industrial control devices are making it possible for the organizations to smoothen their production activities also make them standardized, enabling cost cuttings and waste reductions. The Internet of things and services is to play crucial role in the industrial control and factory automation market, as they facilitate improvement in the industry’s engineering, production, logistics and life cycle management as they integrate the factors of production. The organizations are surviving in the cut-throat competitive environment, where they are striving for having competitive edge over others in production process, and this has pushed the market to the incessant advancement. The market for Industrial Control and factory Automation is finding a prospect in the emerging markets where there is a good scope for the implementation of factory automation systems and these emerging markets are China, India and Brazil. The market for refurbished robots is in upsurge, and also for the robotic systems-manufacturing and parts and servicing. Even the governments of some regions are supporting the use of refurbished robots, by not levying any duty charges.

The basic factors such as increasing need of real-time surveillance of the process, virtual monitoring, and the integration of the automation systems with the mobile technology and satellite communication are expected to aid the growth of industrial control and factory automation market during the forecasted years. The cloud-based SCADA software solution which is used as a control system in the industry is another technology in the trend. This will enable users to view the real-time processed& historical data which is uploaded to cloud and can be accessed by a devices such as smart-phones, tablets, and computers. Major companies have started adopting cloud based SCADA platforms which is expected to significantly reduce problems related to IT network deployment cost, reliability, and system functionality. RecentlyABB partnered with the Globalogix to provide a cloud-based SCADA infrastructure to their customer in Oil and Gas sector.

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