PRC Building Services Strengthens Hazardous Waste Removal Services

PRC Building Services, a leading building and shed manufacturer in Perth, strengthens their hazardous waste removal services. Professional removal of lead, asbestos, and other hazardous wastes is now easier with the company’s help.

[PERTH, JULY 10, 2014] –PRC Building Services Pty Ltd, one of the most trusted names in Perth when it comes to shed building and manufacturing, strengthens their hazardous waste removal services. Building and property managers, as well as other customers in need of professional assistance in removing lead, asbestos, and other hazardous wastes can make work easier through the company’s help.

Safe Asbestos Removal Services

Old commercial spaces and industrial facilities, as well as buildings that have not been cleaned, maintained, or occupied for months often have problems with hazardous materials. This can be in the form of lead, asbestos, and the faeces of pests and vermin such as rats and pigeons. These waste materials pose a serious health risk to the building occupants, as well as to the integrity and safety of the structure. This is where the expertise of PRC Building Services comes in.

 PRC Building Services has unparalleled expertise in cleaning buildings and getting rid of any hazardous waste in a professional, safe, and prompt manner. The company boasts of all work done using two Vac N Sack Vacteck Vacuums– an advantage over other asbestos removal companies. These vacuums, coupled with the work of the company’s experts, capture up to 98% of dust in the removal process. Their dust shaker, which can filter up to 0.3 microns of the remaining dust, boasts of a 99% efficiency rate—making their vacuums perfect for handling asbestos roof removal properly.

 Professional Hazardous Waste Removal Services

 PRC Building Services has helped numerous clients with waste removal problems. They have extensive experience and expertise not just in removing asbestos, but also in removing and handling other waste problems such as lead contamination and vermin faeces.

 Old, heritage structures often have problems with lead paint. In most cases, removal of this hazard is a delicate task, as any wrong move could lead to expensive damages. PRC Building Services has the appropriate experience in hazardous waste removal to take care of this problem expertly and with caution. Their lead contamination removal services also include handling of lead contaminated dusts, roof cavities, and soil.

 The company’s team of experts also have capabilities for the effective removal of rodent and pigeon wastes, as well as other harmful materials.

 All clients who work with PRC Building Services can expect a thorough, professional, and safe clean-up.

 About PRC Building Services

PRC Building Services Pty Ltd is a leading building and shed manufacturing company in Perth. They offer a range of construction-related products and services, including safe asbestos clean-ups, roof and industrial re-cladding, and an array of building services.

 For more than 20 years, the company has been taking Health and Safety seriously, as evidenced by the impressive portfolio and past projects they have completed. PRC Building Services takes pride in their timely completion of work and adherence to budget limits – all done without any harm or down time.

 Interested clients can learn more about the company and their services by visiting